What Makes a Girl to fall in Love?


If you want to set off those triggers that will make a girl to fall in love with you, you have to play to win. The science behind what makes a girl to fall in love will shock you. Remember, a girl’s mind is a little world of tricks. Men, who manage to penetrate the love barrier, do more than just saying, “I love you.” They not only play the psychological game, they play to win. Armed with the sequence of mind games and psychological weapons that are part of Unlock Her Legs PDF, it is hard to see how any man can fail to make a girl fall heads over heels in love with him. These are the seduction weapons that will totally catch her by surprise and by the time, she realizes it, she will be firmly in your box and all that her mind will be thinking about is how you mean the world to her.


Attention Is a Commodity

He who occupies the most of her attention will ultimately win. This is the golden rule of seduction.

Maybe you have asked the question: What makes a girl fall in love? Your answer lies in capturing her attention using the proven and tested “Scrambler” system that has been fully explained in Unlock Her Legs. Once you get into her mind, everything else will work in your favor. In simple terms, “She will be working for you.”

Trigger Attraction

make-girl-fall-in-loveShe wants sexual tension, she wants a challenge, she wants to laugh, and she wants mystery. Give these to a woman and you will trigger attraction that will end in you falling in love with her.

  • She Wants Mystery

DO NOT Be Boring, Predictable & Uninteresting

If you cannot be INTERESTING to a woman, no amount of compensation will help. You just have to work on becoming a more interesting individual.

Women are mysterious creatures and a good dose of mystery on your side will increase your leverage. Nothing is more boring to a woman that a man who is just a plain book that can easily be read by a woman.  Part of upping your game is surrounding yourself with some mystery. Make her to want to find out more about you.

  • She Wants Drama

Harness the Power of Drama &See Yourself Succeeding With Women

How else do you explain the fact that most women are addicted to soap operas rather than their love for drama? Being the sort of guy who surprises her time and again by something good out of the ordinary, will get you far with women.

  • She Wants To Laugh

Unlock Her Legs help you to become playful, charming, and funny, which is the sort of personality that nets those single, attractive and in-demand ladies and make you to be the talk and envy of the boys circle.

Women naturally love guys who are humorous. This is because a guy who has a good dose of humor is seen as being relaxed and comfortable.

  • She Wants Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is the teeth on the key that lets you open the lock of a woman’s love. It will make you to free any girl you meet to indulge in raw sexuality and seek the satisfaction of her desires. The more talented you are at creating sexual tension, the easier you will find to make a woman to fall in love with you.

Nothing you say to a girl will ever make her fall in love with you. You can use food, gifts, compliments and other “displays”, to make her to love you but she may still remain cold to you. You can even cross the seven seas for her and if you are daring enough you can do more than biting the bullet and literally take a grenade for her but you may be surprised that these daring and radical measures are doing little to make her to be affectionate towards you. In light of how hard it is to make a woman to fall in love, we need to ask ourselves a simple question: What makes a girl fall in love. Where is the road to her heart?  What is the formula that will capture her heart? Forget the formulas, forget everything they ever told you about love because since time immemorial women have responded well to some golden seduction techniques that have been explained in Unlock Her Legs PDF.

When all you are thinking about is how well to capture her heart, you will do a great favor by reading about some Magical Secrets To Capture A Woman’s Heart.

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