3 Seduction Sins

Three Seduction Sins

Are girls always giving you the friend zone speech and acting as if you do not even exist? These maybe because of some simple actions that may seem so harmless yet may actually be the biggest attraction killers. From now on, you do not have to worry about girls going ice cold on you, refusing to pick your calls or even not liking you back despite the fact that you like them. This is because there is a seduction handbook called Unlock Her Legs that will settle all your seduction woes. It will let you know the seduction sins you have been committing over the years, how to be a chick magnet and attract and retain all those beautiful women that you have desired over the years and ultimately how to make women to fall in love and want to sleep with you.

The Most Dangerous Seduction Sin

#Being Plain Boring

With girls:

Boredom= Death

This is the biggest seduction NO that makes her to run as far as her legs can carry her when she spots the sight of you.

Remember: Girls Love Drama

The fact that girls love drama makes them not to be attracted to boring guys. A girl wants to be around someone who is interesting, unpredictable and most importantly, mysterious. Even if you are not naturally an interesting person, you can harness the tips, tactics, and secrets outlined in Unlock Her Legs PDF that will make you to create charm when you are around women.

Do not be boring, be:

  • Unpredictable
  • Interesting
  • Mysterious

When dealing with girls

Never Let Her Figure You Out

Count your losses and cut your losses before it is too late if it happens that a girl you are really into, has figured you out. If she knows much about you and can always predict your next move, you can rest assured that she will get bored sooner rather than latter and will start looking for another guy.

  • Do not act super nice
  • Do not be too agreeable with a girl
  • Do not be afraid to offend her


  • Disappoint her occasionally
  • Piss her off sometimes


  • Confuse the shit out of her

If you are the kind of drama king with some mystery attached to you, you will capture her attention. The #1 reason why she will sleep with you or even fall in love with you is because of holding her attention hostage as described in Unlock Her Legs, and the reason why she will sleep with another guy who is not you is because that other guy has captured her attention.

Seduction Sin #2: Trying Hard To Impress

If you want her to completely lose interest in everything to do with you, then try hard to impress her. When you try very hard to make an impression, you are simply handing over power to her and this puts her completely in charge of everything.  By reading Unlock Her Legs PDF you will know how to avoid losing power and instead gaining that much needed control that puts you totally in the driver’s seat.

Seduction Sin #3: Being Easy With Your Feelings

At the right time, when you have already had sex with her and she is completely in love with you, you can get easy and soft on the inside and admit to her, with your whole heart, how much you love and treasure her. Otherwise, doing this, too early in the relationship when you have not yet Unlocked Her Legs, will ruin your chances of ever getting far with a girl you are attracted to.

Man, keep your feelings bottled up until you Unlock Her Legs and you see that the whole affair is going somewhere.  Do not blurt out, “I Love You,” time and again as is the case in most Hollywood movies.

Keep her in the darkness about your feelings, let her not read you like a book and give her a challenge that will make her work hard and try to impress you so that you can finally utter those golden words, “I truly Love You Honey.”

3 Deadly Seduction Sins

If you want to attract super hot chicks and incredibly smart women, avoid these 3 Seduction Sins like the plaque. Do not kill your chances with the girls you like by following what many consider as the norm but in actual sense are deadly seduction sins. What has been revealed in Unlock Her Legs PDF is very different from the seduction tips and secrets that you have been reading over the years. While you are flipping through the pages of Unlock Her Legs, you will discover this powerful system: “The Scrambler” that will make you a magnet of chicks.

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