Passing Girls Test

passing girls test

She is going to test you: have this fact at the back of your mind. But the big question is: are you going to pass the test? Girls test men, sub-consciously not consciously but unfortunately, many men fail the test. She is going to test your mettle, your decision-making capability, your manliness, and even your ability to defend yourself from her. Therefore, you better be prepared with tips about Passing Girls Test that have been extracted from none other than the #1 encyclopedia of seduction: Unlock Her Legs. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have done a great favor for men all over the world. They have created the one-stop shop for information on everything love, seduction and dating: Unlock Her Legs PDF.

Being Needy

#1 Obstacle towards Passing Girls Test

You succeed the crucial step of obtaining her number and sparking off that initial attraction but why won’t you reach far with a girl you really like? Blame the neediness and being obsessed about her.

If you are a needy person, it is guaranteed that you will kill attraction before it ever blossoms into love or romance. Neediness in a guy is a big No! And even if you are just naturally needy, try as much as possible to keep it under water.

Never Show a Girl That You Are Ready To Do Anything & Everything Just To Have Her

This is essentially giving her the long end of the stick and you can sense where all this will lead to.

  • Learn to Keep Your Feelings under Guard– you do not want to be the one going out of your way and blurting out, “I love you,” or displaying your feelings in any way, before you even get the opportunity to Unlock Her Legs.
  • When she challenges you on stuff, stand your ground. Do not be the guy who has to denounce a particular kind of music or even some of your hobbies just because she has remarked with some kind of sarcastic tone, “ Do you really like that?” If she expresses with her tone that she is really not impressed with a song you are listening to, you can reply back with a firm reply, “baby, this song really kicks ass, it is the real deal.”

Keep Cool & Play It Cool

Do Not Be Overtaken By Emotions

You do not know how a girl will be really attracted to you if you are the sought of person who always plays it cool. Girls love people who have everything under their control including their emotions and feelings. It is one of the most important qualities of manliness.

  • So, she has just failed to turn out for a date? Play it cool even if your internals are bursting with all manner of negative emotions. Just tell her; “ you know what dear, we can meet another day, the year is still young and there are many days ahead of us. This is like telling her, “ I am not dying to meet you.” What you achieve with this move is major attraction points that increase your desirability.

Never Act Predictable, Clingy, Needy & Insecure

You are wondering why passing girls test is not one of your past achievements. Maybe you should go inside the minds of the expert boys by reading Unlock Her Legs PDF, and see why they are on top of the seduction game.

You see, there are many rules of seduction but being clingy, needy and insecure does not feature anywhere in the list of these rules. In fact, everything that makes you a winner when it comes to capturing the hearts and brains of young sweet girls is the exact opposite of these 4 undesirable qualities.

  • Being unpredictable– you will score major sexiness, manliness and attraction points if you are the sought of guy who is hard to predict. Today you are nice tomorrow you are mad, you sometimes disappoint her, you sometimes completely piss her off and during some days, you take her to the third heavens. Give her a mix of emotions and she will pay anything just to be with you. The content and scope of Unlock Her Legs system is all about playing with her mind and emotions. This is how you get to stay in her mind. This is how you make her to be thinking about you, when you are not around and to be having wet dreams about you.

Passing Girls Test, every man wants to achieve it but few actually play by the seduction rule-book. What most men do is to go around showing off their strongest cards: feelings and emotions, instead of keeping these cards under the table until the right time. When a girl can read neediness and insecurity in the way you talk, make calls and in the messages she receives from you, it is almost like the verdict has already been cast on stone: the whole affair is over before it even starts. But there is a way that modern men are getting past these seduction roadblocks, there is a way that otherwise ordinary men are becoming masters of the game and it has everything to do with Unlock Her Legs PDF and the ubiquitous seduction system, “The Scrambler.” The seduction rules are out there for everyone to read including the top-most seduction secret: Passing Girls Test.

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