Main Seduction Ingredient

It Is Almost IMPOSSIBLE To Make a Woman to fall in Love with you without this #1 Seduction Ingredient

the main seduction ingrdient

Ever wondered how to make a girl to always be waiting for your calls and to eagerly await your text messages? The secret lies in the main seduction ingredient that is the main theme of Unlock Her Legs PDF. The truth of the matter is that you can create anticipation and even desperation in a girl if only you know about the main seduction ingredient.

What is the one thing you have to do to get hold of a girl’s attention and completely hold it ransom until she completely falls in love with you? This is a question you might have asked yourself time and again. It is a question in the minds of many men. Many guys are looking for answers and Bobby Rio and Rob judge have explained a complete series of techniques, in their book Unlock Her Legs. If you want to know the main seduction ingredient, you should read Unlock Her Legs PDF.

Emotional Roller Coaster

Love is a game of emotions. The expert boys are on top of their game because they have mastered the art of creating emotional roller coaster in women.

The main seduction ingredient has everything to do with how you play with her emotions. How you provide her with a mix of emotions. Remember, women like drama that is the reason why they are fond of soap operas. Therefore, they definitely appreciate men who not only give them joy and happiness but also produce in them feelings of anticipation, surprise, confusion and the ultimate fear of loss that keeps a girl locked in your arms and praying desperately that you should never leave her for another girl.

The mind games and the techniques that will create an emotional roller coaster in a girl have been explained in Unlock Her Legs.

Avoid Being the Nice Guy

You cannot make use of the powers of the main seduction ingredient if you are a nice guy in a relationship. Being a nice guy kills your prospect with most women.

Whereas a nice guy will give a woman a good dose of joy and happiness the bad boy will provide an array of conflicting emotions that will do more towards making a girl to want to fall in love and to want to sleep with the bad boy.

The Ultimate Seduction Ingredient: Creating Fear of Loss

unlock her legsIf there is an emotion that ultimately turns the stakes in favor of the bad boy, then it is, “fear of loss.” This is the main seduction ingredient. It is the game changer that will finally net your catch and make the girl in question to fall madly in love with you and always to be thinking about you.

The minute you think that you have lost something, the thing in question instantly becomes 10 times more valuable.  You should use this powerful psychological secret, to your advantage, when you are dealing with women.

Humans hate losing that is why even when you are on the fence about a particular girl and she starts showing that she is disinterested in you, you suddenly start showing a lot of interest in her.

When you feel that something is slipping out of your hands, you will do everything to keep it and this will make you to overlook the bad qualities and think entirely about the good qualities. This is how bad boys play with the mind of women until women constantly overlook their negatives.

Lear how to trigger “fear of loss” in women by reading Unlock Her Legs. Almost all seduction weapons that the pros use involve invoking fear of loss in one way or another.

Provide a Variety of Emotions to Her & You Will Never Lose Her

If you have ever lost a girl who seemed to really like you then it is because you never provided her with the variety of emotions she was craving for. Imagine a movie that is all about positive shit, from beginning to end, that movie will suck and that is how girls view nice guys. At the end of the day, nice guys lose and bad boys win. Nonstop happiness and joy is not what a girl is looking for. She is looking for some happiness mixed in with good old fashionable drama that is why you should read Unlock Her Legs PDF so that to know how to become that mystery man that every girl is craving for. Read one of the most read seduction article: Main Seduction Ingredient and discover why the “fear of loss” is the most potent seduction weapons in your seduction toolbox.

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