How to Flip Her Switch

Flip Her Switch

You want to get her to answer your calls. You want more than friendship from her. You want to get her to your place from where the real action will happen. In simple terms, you want to be more than her fan. In fact, you are even tired of the fact that you are merely a fan to her.  Getting from the outside circle to the inner circle of a girl takes the implementation of some serious steps explained in Unlock Her Legs PDF. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, the creators of Unlock Her Legs have developed a seduction road-map that is guaranteed to get men who are tired of being single, to have more than enough share of women who not only want friendship but also want some serious sex and the potential of love.

How to Flip Off Her Switch

Admire Her Excessively! Worship Her Every Move!  Be Ready To Do Anything for Her! Give Her Too Much Attention Than Necessary!

You wonder why she has suddenly turned cold on you and some few days ago, she was really into you. Friend, it is easy to turn off a woman who initially was psyched up with the possibility of hooking up with you. All it takes is to be her fan in the sense that you give her too much attention. Give her too much attention and you are doomed, play the player’s game as explained in Unlock Her Legs, and you are guaranteed to capture the heart of any girl out there.

How to Flip On Her Switch

-Make her to open up and tell you more about herself

Once she does this, capitalize on her insecurities, by sounding a bit judgmental about her undesirable attributes. This will put her ego on the line and you will have an upper hand. Unlock Her Legs PDF is all about getting the upper hand when dealing with women. This is what will make you to win. Once she has the advantage, once she has the leverage, you are completely done! You can kiss the whole affair goodbye because once she has the leverage it goes without much emphasis that you will not be able to sleep with her.

-Focus on yourself a good percentage of the time

Let not the focus be entirely on her as it will appear as if you are worshipping her. Make it a point to cater for your interest especially when you are around her. Do not make it appear as if you are her slave. Do not be ready to do anything to make her happy because once you reach that point you will only be a tool of entertainment to her and she will not take you seriously.

Crack jokes that make you happy and you will be surprised that she may even end up enjoying your jokes.

Concentrate on showing the best of yourself and you will surely win.

Once Her Switch Is Flipped On- Her Desire Is Ignited

How to flip her switchOnce you flip her switch by making her to open up about herself, you will have automatically ignited her desire and she will start working for you. Once a woman opens up and tells you stuff about herself, count yourself lucky because you have made her to invest in the game and from then henceforth it will be hard for her to ditch you.

Women like attention because it elevates their appearance above everything else (their inner self.) But once a man digs dipper, he will discover that a girl who otherwise looks fine has the same fears and insecurities as other people. Once you become more acquainted with her inner self, you will be one step closer to making her to fall in love with you or even to sleep with you.

Why She Won’t Sleep With You: You Are Just Her Fan

You know what, have you ever heard a celebrity wanting to hang out with her fans? Celebrities like the admiration of fans but at the end of the day, she will want to hang out with her real friends. If you are merely her fan, you are just there to entertain her, to make her have a giggle but at the end of the day, she wants nothing to do with you, she will not even want to sleep with you.

If you are just her fan, you are missing out big coz she will not sleep with you. The main reason why Bobby Rio wrote Unlock Her Legs is so that otherwise ordinary men can get laid like crazy. Understand how to navigate past the fan zone, know how to avoid the friend zone, and you are automatically a winner in the game of seduction. All these are explained in How to Grip Her Attention (And Never Let It Go).

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