Avoid These Attraction Killers

Avoid These Attraction Killers

You are about to learn stuff that most men will go to their graves without knowing. A woman can love you, she can actually like everything about you, but if you have these ATTRACTION KILLERS, even just one of them, your chances of succeeding with the woman in question will diminish. These are things that really piss women off, unfortunately they are found in most single guys.

The entire laundry list of characteristics, qualities, and traits that women hate, is found in Unlock Her Legs PDF. Do not instantly disqualify yourself with women by having these problems, read Unlock Her Legs, and get to know the most common attraction killers that really get to the nerves of most women.

ANNOYING AS HELL Attraction Killers That Women Hate

Attraction is not a choice. It is a physical and emotional response. Attraction happens when a woman gets a man who knows how attraction works. The Complete Science of Attraction has been documented in Unlock Her Legs PDF.

The main problem with succeeding with women in general and the biggest problem in relation to sparking the interest and attraction of women are the many attraction killers.  These attraction killers will kill sexual tension and make her to stop communication at all levels.

1.) Being Too Available

Women want mystery. Mystery creates a challenge for them and this leads to sexual tension. If you are the kind who is always available for her, this will make her attraction towards you, to wane over time to the point where she will no longer be attracted towards you.

Stop Being Too Available!!!

To add some mystery to your relationship and make her to miss you very much to the point that she will take the initiative to call you and arrange to meet you, Stop Being Too Available! Scarcity makes something to be more valuable: this is how things not only work in relationships but also in the real world. When you are always around her, you become less valuable to her. However, if you make yourself less available, your value will spike.

2.) Wuss Behavior

Being Insecure, Clingy & Needy

Staying physically close to her because you are afraid, she can live without you.

This includes following a woman everywhere and never leaving her side. This is one of those attraction killers that is as ANNOYING AS HELL, to most women. Very few women want to have an insecure boyfriend who is always tracking her movements and following her around because he is afraid that someone may take her away from him.

You need to get rid of insecurity and neediness to increase your chances of attracting hot and smart women and ending up sleeping with them. Having these two characteristics is like having a billboard on your forehead telling women, “Run Away From Me.”

3.) Confessing Your Feelings Early

Attraction killersWhen you confess your feeling too soon, you leave her nothing to work for. Therefore, she will easily become bored and in no time, she may start chasing other men. The number #1 seduction secret is to get her to work for you. To know how to make her to work for you, Read Unlock Her Legs.

Guys, learn how to bottle your feelings until the right time. The moment you confess your feeling to a girl, early in the relationship; you give her an upper hand. Unlock Her Legs & “The Scrambler System” explained in the book is all about gaining the upper hand. It is about winning the psychological warfare by playing the right mind games that will make her not only to fall in love with you but also to have that desire to get in your bed, not just once, but as many times as possible.

Women have a nature, “A female nature.” Men also have a nature, “A male nature.” Men tend to be competitive and dominant. They play it rough and they thrive in winning. Women thrive in the chase: a woman will, “let a guy catch her.” Women are coy and they play hard to get.  Unlock Her Legs PDF connects you with your male nature. It is a real kicker for men who want to understand women and their nature; the book gets you to the bottom of a woman’s psychology. Once you understand a girl’s mind, you will know what she likes and what really turns her off. You will know how to arouse sexual tension in her and how to ultimately Unlock Her Legs. The man, who understands the game of attraction, knows the Top 3 Attraction Killers to Avoid.

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