4 Common Behaviors That Make You Look Needy

Make You Look Needy

You wonder why you are not getting physical with a girl that seems to like you a lot. You have been dating her for quite some time, she is showing a lot of interest, you have gone on a few dates with her, she smiles a lot when she is around you and you have even seen the spark in her eyes but the big question is: Why are you not getting her in bed? “Blame you neediness, for every girl that has shown attraction for you yet you have failed to sleep with her” This is according to Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, authors of the best selling seduction handbook: “Unlock Her Legs”. The last thing you want to do if you goal is to spark sexual desire, is to come across as a needy person. Your roadmap for getting every girl you have ever liked to sleep with you will be well charted if you take some time to read Unlock Her Legs PDF.

Avoid These Needy Behaviors & GET LAID!!!

By now, you understand that the biggest obstacle towards getting laid is coming across as needy. Once a woman spots this undesirable behavior in you, you can rest assured that you will be avoided like the plaque. Women like men who are calm and not those who are constantly fiddling with their phones every time in an effort to constantly stay update with what she is doing. If you are the kind who is constantly keeping in touch, you are needy and this is how you kill sexual desire in her.

1.) You Show These “Boyfriend Behaviors” & you Have not Been Laid, STOP THIS!

Boyfriend behaviors have their place; after you have already gotten the goods and is almost one year into a relationship and there are really some future prospects. However, it is just some weeks since you two got hooked up and you are showing boyfriend behaviors, rest assured, you will never get laid.

You Haven’t Had Sex With Her & It Is Like You Are Indicating With Your Behaviors, “I AM Your Boyfriend,” GET SERIOUS! Stop These Behaviors Until You Unlock Her Legs.

  • Focusing on showing her that you are a good boyfriend and you are not like the other guys.
  • Respecting her too much to the extent that you do not make sexual moves
  • Listening to her problems and making every effort to solve them just like a good boyfriend would do.

2.) Trying To “Impress Her” Behaviors

Why are you doing everything to try to impress her and even going out of your way to show her how you are boyfriend material.  You are constantly showing her how you have a good job and you are always emphasizing the fact that you two, have a lot of common. Remember, you should only start to show, “Impress her” behaviors after you have had sex with her and you now want to turn her into your girlfriend. Unlock Her Legs first before you bring other issues into perspective.

  • Always Wanting To Contact Her

Finally, the behavior that shows you are very needy. You are always contacting her (a number of times in a day.) From now on, do these and you will find yourself creating more sexual desire and bedding more women than you have done previously:

  • Contact her only when you have something important to tell her
  • Always be the one who is ending the conversation
  • When she calls, do not pick immediately, wait for some seconds. Picking her calls as soon as she calls shows that you are needy, desperate and it is like you work is just to wait for her calls.
  • When you call and she does not pick, wait for 5-10 minutes, then call again, if she does not pick the second time, do not call her, until she gets back to you and explain why she did not pick your call.

Getting laid is not merely having sexual desire and telling her that you want it badly. You have to play the mind games listed in Unlock Her Legs PDF and you will be surprised how everything will just fall in place to the extent that she will willingly troop to your bedroom and offer you everything that will satisfy all your sexual desires.

8 Common Behaviors that Make You Look Needy (Video by Bobby Rio)

As much as neediness comes across as one of those dangerous seduction crimes, you can have the solace that there is an answer to this problem and the other sticky issues that seem to get in your way towards getting hot women into your bedroom. Your answers are found in Unlock Her Legs PDF.  Over the years, many men have found “The Scrambler,” system that is at the heart and center of Unlock Her Legs, to be all they have ever needed to unlock the psychology of women and to ultimately unlock many beautiful legs. The creators of this handbook are so confident that it will deliver what they have promised, to the extent that they have gone ahead and offered money back guarantee. This means that the purchase is done free of risk; if you end up not achieving any results, you simply request to have your money back. Talking of results, read this free article about behaviors that display neediness, apply the tips and sit back and see how will be getting laid much faster than you ever imagined.

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