4 Attraction Building Benefits of the Pull Back

Attraction Benefits Pull Back

Do you want a woman to want more of you? Do you want to spark sexual tension in a relationship? Want to capture her attention and lock it in: to the extent that she will be thinking about no one but you? You can easily generate attraction: the emotion of wanting more of you. There is one simple move that requires absolutely zero skills to pull off yet will tap into “psychological” attraction trigger points of most women. This move is called the pull back technique. Bobby Rio in his book “Unlock Her Legs,” will teach you how to pull off this technique using the right strategy and dosage. It needs to be done right because too much or too little of it and you will not achieve what you desire.  Regardless of your looks, bank account, or social status, you can amp up a girl’s attraction for you using this technique.

How Pull Back Technique Generates Massive Amounts of Attraction in Women

“The Pull Back” is a super effective technique. It is based on the principle of tension loop that is common in romance novels and soap operas. This technique makes a woman to work for you by creating unresolved emotional tension inside a woman using the following strategies:

  • Not calling her for a couple of days
  • Reducing the number of times you call her
  • Being a little cold
  • Being a little aloof or distant
  • Acting less enthusiastic of her

Pull Back Technique Gives You More Power, More Love, More Attention, More Sex

Benefits of the Pull Back

With pull back strategy and other mind games explained in Unlock Her Legs PDF, you get more than you bargained for.

1.) You Get More Power

The one who holds the most power in a relationship ultimately wins. Most importantly, you do not want her to be the one holding the most power or rather having the competitive edge because she will definitely kiss the relationship goodbye and leave you in darkness. The pull back technique is one of those highly effective mind games thoroughly explained in Unlock Her Legs.

When you use pull back strategy on a girl, she will start to sense that you are losing interest. This will make her to apply more effort to the relationship. She will start trying everything she can so that to win you over. This will mean more power for you, which will come with perks such as making her to work for you and the ultimate perk of getting her to your bedroom.

2.) You Get More Attention

You Will Make Her to Think More about You

Not capturing the attention of a girl is the #1 reason that she will not sleep with you but will sleep with another guy. The reason why you are stuck in the friend zone is because you are not sparking the interest of a girl. With Unlock Her Legs and the #1 seduction mind game, alternatively called, “The Scrambler,” you will hold the attention of a girl ransom. You will make her to think about you day and night and work for you by applying simple techniques such as pull back technique.

3.) More Sexual Desire on Her Mind, More Sexual Tension

This strategy will lead to more power on your hands and more sexual desire in her mind because it increases her anticipation about you and makes her to think more about you. She will fantasize about having sex with you, when is sleeping. When she is close to you, you will notice clearly the new level of sexual tension because she will be very physical to the extent that she will find every reason to touch you in a suggestive manner.

4.) You Become More Attractive

Pull back technique will amp up a girl’s attraction for you regardless of your wealth, race, or looks. With pull back technique, you will become more attractive to a girl you are chasing because she will start thinking more about your good qualities.

4 Attraction Building Benefits of thePull Back (Video by Bobby Rio)

Getting a female friend to desire you or getting your female classmates or co-workers to fantasize about having sex with you, is not rocket science, thanks to pull back technique. Unlock Her Legs is a series of techniques including pull back technique that will make you to finally nail that hard to get girl. These techniques have been documented in Unlock Her Legs PDF.

Read about Why the Pull Back Strategy Is One of The Most Effective Seduction Techniques, key among them is the fact that it sparks sexual tension like no other technique does and makes a woman to want more of you.

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