3 Reasons Why A Girl Will Go Cold

Why A Girl Will Go Cold

You have done the hard part: you have attracted her, you have aroused her interest, you have obtained her number, the conversation has been going well for quite some time, and then suddenly she goes cold. What has gone wrong? You might ask. It seemed like she was already in your stable. It was a done deal, or so you thought. The female mind is a little world of tricks. Just when you think you have her firmly in your grip, she suddenly turns cold and in no time, what seemed like bubbling romance is dead on its tracks. In 90 percent of the cases, there are reasons behind all this and if there is a book that can better explain these reasons then it is Unlock Her Legs PDF. This book lays the female mind bare and gives men rare insights never revealed before that places them front and center of their relationship; from a position where a man takes control with the woman enjoying the ride, every mile of the way.

Reasons Why a Girl Might Have Suddenly Turned Cold On You

Do not let the dilemma of a girl gone cold rock your mind to the point where you get sleepless nights. Most likely, as you try to figure out the elephant in the room, you will look for answers in all the wrong places. The dating gurus behind, Unlock Her Legs PDF, have already figured for you the reasons why girls go cold. Bobby Rio explains in his book Unlock Her Legs, many seduction and dating secrets. He not only gives you the reasons why women go cold but also presents to you steps you should take to sustain a long streak of interest in a woman.  Some of the reasons are:

  • You Are Not Ambitious- men over 25, watch this space, lack of ambition is the number one seduction killer especially if you are a guy over 25. At this point in life, you are supposed to have a sense of purpose in life. Even if you have not achieved yet, show her that you are going somewhere. Most importantly, stop the trashy talk about how bad your career is. Instead speak of how great you enjoy your job (even if you honestly do not) and tell her your great future plans (even if they are only in your mind), and how you intend to make her to be part of it.
  • You Are Just Plain Insecure- women hate insecure men the kind who constantly pry over their phones, who are always suspecting the girl of cheating, who are always feeling that they are being attacked. Basically, plain insecure men. Get rid of your insecurities and you will increase your chances of attracting and keeping women. This is something that is thoroughly explained in Unlock Her Legs.
  • You Are a Needy Person– Neediness is an attraction killer. Do not act needy in the sense that you always want to be around her; constantly making phone calls and being angry if for one reason or the other she does not make it for a date. Skip a day or two, before making a call. Call her if you really have something important to say to her. If she does not manage to come for a date you had planned, just take it cool (even if it maybe hurting you in the inside.)

You might be good at attracting women. However, getting her number is not the end of it. The real trouble comes with keeping her: sustaining interest in the long run. If you have dozens of phone numbers of hot, smart ladies in your phone but you are wondering why they have all gotten out of your life, you need to read Unlock Her Legs PDF and  take a hard look at yourself subsequently figuring out the areas of your life that can do with some improvements.

Three Reasons a Girl Will Go Cold (when she seemed to really like you)

Do not let her to slip out of your hands after you have done the hard part. It may be that there a few things here and there that you are doing wrong. Alternatively, it can be a substantial problem that requires an overhaul of some sought. With such dating geniuses as Bobby Rio and the book they create such as Unlock Her Legs, your biggest dating dilemmas, fade right before your eyes as you get mental clarity on what you really have to do so that to take your love life forward.  Read this article by Bobby Rio as he breaks down the dilemma most guys face: sustaining interest in women, and offers possible solutions to the problem.

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