2 Ways to Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl

Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl

A girl will always have the upper hand, UNLESS you do something about it. Men are almost always at the disadvantage compared to women, but you can turn the tables around. The pros love the power plays that put them on top of their relationships. Begin by reading “Unlock Her Legs” so that to know the mind games and power plays that ensures that the expert boys are always ahead of their game. “The Scrambler” system by Bobby Rio and Rob judge gets you into a position of advantage. It makes you to be absolutely in control of a relationship and brings out of you the character of an alpha male, which is what women are attracted to. Women are attracted to men who challenge them. The hot and smart girls out there want guys who challenge their pride; guys who act with stealth tactics to pull the carpet from right under their foot. If you are the person who is putting in the most effort in a relationship, then you are giving more power to you partner. You are making her to have an upper hand over you. Make her to chase you, make her to seek your validation, by using the secret techniques found in Unlock Her Legs PDF.

Turn the Tables Around: Gain an Upper Hand with a Girl

Even if a girl does not like you initially, you can turn the tables around and make her to falls heads over heels in love with you. It all involves a simple principle: gaining an upper hand. However has the upper hand, controls the relationship.

If you let your girlfriend to have the upper hand, consider it done! You will be dumped in no time. Once a girl recognizes that she has power in a relationship, it is game over for you and all that will be left is for to collect a consolation prize and go home.

  • Make her get addicted to your validation-

To make her to pay attention to you, make her to chase after your validation. When you use “The Scrambler” system that has been explained in Unlock Her Legs PDF, you will make her to earn your respect. Remember, respect is not given, it is earned. That is why master seducer Bobby Rio, created Unlock Her Legs, so that to teach ordinary men how to get that much needed respect and be in complete reigns in a relationship.

2.) Make Her to Buy You a Drink

She will love this if you can manage to pull this. If she requests you to buy her a drink, tell her you will only be catering for one round. After the round is over, tell her, “it is your turn.” This will get her attraction spurred. She will become more interested in knowing you more. Alternatively, you can ask her what she wants for dinner or drinks and then order something completely different. This is how to play the game like a master seducer. It reinforces into the mind of the girl that you aren’t afraid to call the shots and a girl will be attracted to that. Women are naturally attracted to the expression of masculinity.

These power plays among the many others that have been explained in Unlock Her Legs PDF will help you to get an upper hand in a relationship. If you do not get that advantage, you will not be able to sleep with her and you will end up being consigned to Friend Zone Prison. Unlock Her Legs is about moving from casual to sexual and getting out of the friend zone and into her bed.

2 Ways to Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl (Video by Bobby Rio & Rob Judge)

Being a woman’s best friend will not get you into her bedroom. You have to understand how the game works by reading Unlock Her Legs PDF and subsequently applying one of the principles explained in this book: gaining an upper hand with a girl. “The Scrambler,” a system that has been explained thoroughly in Unlock Her Legs, is what will make you to gain real control over a woman and to be able to get what you want: lots of sex and love.

Find out more about the two techniques that completely turn the table, challenge her pride, makes you to call the shots and get her to your bed and also the story of how Rob Judge, the co-creator of Unlock Her Legs, ended up banging a 22 year old cross fit instructor by making her jump through a bunch of hoops and eventually making the girl to be addicted to her validation, Read 2 Techniques to Gain the “Upper Hand” with a Girl.

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